Untitled diptych (2007)

Untitled diptych, © 2007 J. Thomson All rights reserved

I completed this pair of paintings in May, 2007. Taken together, they measure 72″ high x 118″ wide. The medium is oils, with a lot of wax medium for the impasto effect.

I wanted to challenge myself to making a white painting, with a limited palette, and I realized after finishing them that it reminded me a lot of the sea and sky on Cape Cod, where I had vacationed several times. This painting therefore was the genesis to the Cape Cod Light series. This diptych is available for sale; please contact me if you are interested.

Here are some shots that show the paintings in progress. They look smaller than they are because they are leaning away from the camera at a steep angle (too big for the easel!) but each canvas is as tall as I am.

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This diptych has been exhibited three times.

Untitled (2007)

Untitled oil painting by J. Thomson © 2007

After taking a few years off from painting to run my business, this was the first major painting I completed. It also represents the first painting in a meta-series, in which I am still working. It is untitled, as most of my non-objective paintings are, and measures 48″ x 48″. It was selected to appear in a nationally distributed art calendar in 2009. It is currently available for purchase; please contact me if you are interested.

Oppala/Slöinge from the IKEA series (2001)

Oppala (detail), © 2001 J. Thomson All rights reserved

This is a two-sided encaustic and collage painting from my IKEA series. It rests on a custom crown-moulding shelf I built for it, so that you can turn it over to display the other side at will. Shown here with a few of the digital sketches I made in preparation for the painting. Available in the gift shop here.

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Kontra (Espresso Express), from the IKEA series (2002)

Espresso Express, © 2002 J. Thomson All rights reserved

Espresso Express is a small encaustic and collage painting I made to benefit a local charity auction. It was the only painting in the auction that sold for more than double its value. It is based on the sketch Kontra, which was IKEA’s knockoff of the famous Bialetti stovetop espresso maker. (Note the Classic OS scroll bar— that was before MacOS X!) Available in the gift shop.

Kontra (from the IKEA series), © 2002 by J. Thomson All rights reserved