30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 10

30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 10

Day 10: The White Stuff

It’s shocking how long I’ve had some of these things—not neatly organized in a file or box, but scattered throughout my office area. Also shocking: how little each one of these items needed to be kept at all.

I’m starting to see real progress in my office area now.

46. This installation guide.

Because once you’ve attached your new stove to the wall with this anti-tipping bracket, you should put the installation instructions in a drawer and keep it forever, right? Wrong.

47. This instruction manual.

I disposed of the camera on Day 8. So I guess I no longer need the instructions?

48. This software disc & papers.

Apparently I’ve been doing my taxes electronically for a long time… this software is dated 2003.

49. This computer repair receipt.

For repairing a laptop I owned… in 2004. Who keeps these things for TEN YEARS?

50. This printer set-up guide.

Do I even still have this printer? I don’t remember getting rid of it, so you may see it in a future post.

51. This plastic cap.

By itself. No tube. No matching cap. Not sure why.

52. This software manual.

When are they gonna stop printing these things?

53. This instruction sheet.

For a remote start vehicle switch on a truck I sold a year ago.

54. These blank application forms.

Ashamed to say these have to do with buying my loft… eight years ago.

55. This auto insurance policy.

What, you don’t keep your car insurance policies lying around on your desk for SEVEN years? Well, neither do I (now).

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