30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 11

30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 11 Day 11

56. This pile of business cards.

Found another small cache of business cards I can get rid of.

57. This commemorative pin.

Commemorating a trade show I attended. I’m just not one of those people that collects pins and walks around trade shows with them stuck all over my badge.

58. This plastic gewgaw.

I think this was from one of those giant plastic bags you put pillows in, and then use your vacuum cleaner to suck all the air out. The valves didn’t work, so I returned them.

59. This button from the Metropolitan Museum.

I’ve heard people collect these in every color, but I’m not sure why.

60. This remote control.

Every computer I’ve purchased in the last ten years came with one of these, and I’ve never used one.

61. This pointing finger.

How great is this? If you carry this around with you, you’ll never be lost.

62-66. These empty plastic containers.

I get these from work, and they are pretty useful (I kept one to put pencils in on my desk.) I don’t need any now, and if I need more in the future, I’ll know where to get them.

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