30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 14

30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 14

Day 14: Toy Boxes

Two weeks. We’re passing 100 items gone today. The last half of the challenge will be the hardest, since more than 3/4 of the stuff I’m jettisoning goes then. You may remember from my introduction that I’m doing this challenge in support of my borderline-hoarding mom, who is doing it too. She’s been keeping up with it, and has been very diligent in sending me pictures every day of what she’s getting rid of. I’m very proud of her for keeping up with it. I hope that by the end of the month, we’ll both want to continue with the challenge. It’s already made such a huge difference in my cluttered office area.

So far, I’ve been making the task easier for myself by not selecting things that have any sentimental value. That’s going to have to change though, if I’m to get through this whole challenge. To that end, today’s challenge comes from two boxes of toys I’ve had packed away since the mid ’90s, when I was an avid collector of them. A lot of them I won’t be able to get rid of, but going through them did prompt me to thin them out and to display the ones I want to keep, instead of keeping them packed up in boxes.

92. This unused American Flag sticker from a hardware store.

93-94. These cartoon trading cards from a fast food restaurant.

I cannot remember the last time I lived in a state that had this restaurant, much less ever going there. But I love Hanna-Barberra cartoons.

95-96. These trolls.

Because, frankly, I have enough real trolls in my life. These two came from a bag of maybe fifty of them.

97. This French globe.

This tiny globe has “made in Hong Kong” printed on it, so you know it was before the handover in 1997. It is labeled entirely in French, and omits a lot of countries but labels some tiny islands that were/are French territories.

98-100. These three globe pins.

All of them centered on the North Pole.

101. This mini photo album of New York.

This was the “bonus” album from a book of postcards. Probably from my first trip to New York City in the early 80’s.

102. This monster grin pencil sharpener.

I think this was a sample from when I owned a store that sold novelties like this.

103. This Chinese dragon finger puppet.

This must be either from the 1988/89 Year of the Dragon, or (probably) the 2000/2001 Year of the Dragon.

104. This gorilla nose pencil sharpener.

Another sample. I was thinking of making these prizes for staff training at work. Do you think this is (racially) offensive?

105. This Super Action Clip-on Yo-Yo! Micro Size.

The package says 1988, but I doubt I’ve really had it that long. Wasn’t the last big yo-yo craze in the early to mid 90’s?

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