30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 15

30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 15

Day 15: The Half-way Point

In terms of time, I’m now at the half-way point in the challenge, although there’s a way to go yet to reach the half-way mark in terms of number of things disposed of.

I never really start out thinking “OK, today’s challenge is going to be all red and yellow things” but somewhere along the way, a theme usually develops. And, is it me, or do I seem to hoard things in fours?

106-109. These heart- and flower-shaped ice cube trays

110-111. These empty boxes for mounted slides

I went to art school “back in the day” when we had to photograph things on film, then develop it, and mount the slides in little plastic holders, which went into a big plastic holder called a carousel. When they weren’t in carousels, we kept slides in boxes like these.

112-115. These four plastic bubbles

I probably bought these from the gum machines at the grocery store near the exit, and I probably got them more for these plastic bubbles than whatever was inside them.

116. This silly putty

Isn’t life silly enough?

117-120. These four diner baskets

Yes, friends. I am weeding out some of my diner-related paraphernalia. Get over it. These have taken up valuable space in my kitchen cabinet for years since they were last used.

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