30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 17

30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 17

Day 17

Okay, okay… I fell off the wagon a bit. Actually, I just had a grueling work schedule for the past 8 days, and I’m going to do my best to catch up now.

Today, I’ve decided to tackle my filing cabinet. When I moved two years ago, I got rid of three or four metal filing cabinets with four drawers each. Most of them were stuffed with everything but files: art supplies, tools, brushes, etc. Now I just have one filing cabinet full of papers and files. My goal is to clean it out, so that I can move my “archive” of letters and photographs there. (And by “archive” I mean the cardboard boxes sitting on the floor in my office area.) Unfortunately, files and papers aren’t very photogenic for the blog post.

137. This empty envelope with German stamps.

I know I saved this for the stamps. But I don’t even have a stamp collection. I just have a “stuff” collection. I don’t even know anybody in Germany, and I have no idea what came in this envelope. The stamp on the right has some sort of crane or heron on it, but for some reason it looks more like a shrimp/prawn/crustacean to me. The postmark is interesting too: it appears to include both a jester’s hat, and a fencer in the background. En garde!

138. This coupon that expired three years ago.

I guess Honey Badger really don’t care.

139. This laptop user’s manual.

I bought this laptop for my business (the one that closed five years ago!) and I hated it then. Damn thing never did work right. I finally threw it out a year ago, so I don’t need the manual anymore, right?

140. This Trade Association Member Certificate.

The closure five years ago of the business I invested my heart, soul, and my life savings into was very painful. So painful, I could hardly bear to get rid of anything associated with it. But not anymore.

141. This sticker with credit card logos.

142. This trade association sticker.

143. This thick file of tax return documents and financial data from twelve years ago.

I guess I didn’t know when it was okay to get rid of important tax documents. I’m sure after twelve years, it’s okay now. This file has 34 separate documents in it.

144. This “new employee” orientation file.

Everything in here is either outdated, or so general that it isn’t useful to me anymore. 12 documents.

145. This file of instruction manuals.

At one time I felt it necessary to save every product warranty, instruction manual or product registration card in a file. Why? I don’t even own most of these things anymore. 7 documents.

146. These forms.

Four pages of forms to request a reimbursement from my health savings account two years ago in an amount less than ten dollars. Sheesh.

147. This insurance policy from 2008.

148. This insurance brochure describing different plan options, from 2008.

149. Another insurance brochure describing medical plan options from 2008.

Insurance companies love to print brochures, don’t they?

150. This personal tax return from twelve years ago.

For the record, I thought this company was a complete rip-off. Also, I probably shouldn’t have looked inside to discover that I make the same amount now that I did 12 years ago. That’s what I get for dedicating my professional life to non-profits.

151. This FedEx envelope of documents.

My merchant services agreement and credit card swiper templates. Remember when using a credit card at a store meant taking an impression of the card on a special machine, and asking for the carbons?

152. This thick file of accounting documents from 2007.

153. This accounting statement from 2006.

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