30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 18

30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 18 Day 18

More stuff from the filing cabinet. Sorry it’s not very exciting to look at, but it sure feels good to gain all that extra space in the filing cabinet!

154. This business letter dated 2004.

155. This three-page letter dated 2008.

156. Another letter from an insurance company dated 2008.

157. 32 pages of documents from an insurance agent I had in 2008.

158. This 3-page bank statement from 2005.

159. This six-page “important information” insurance document.

160. This envelope containing a quarterly tax return from six years ago.

161. This 16-page file from the accountant eight years ago.

162-167. These six folders from an accountant.

Business statements from the accountant my business used eight years ago.

168. These installation instructions.

Warning! All free-standing ranges can tip over. Injury to persons could result.

169. This two-year old phone bill.

170. This meeting agenda.

171. This .mac brochure


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