30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 20

30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 20

Day 20

More (nearly) useless stuff from the depths of my filing cabinet. I wonder what on earth tricked my brain into thinking I should keep that empty, torn-in-half envelope with no markings on it?

191. This interesting box.

I admit, I struggled on this one. It’s a nice box with no markings on it. It has a neat magnetic closure. It even has a black velvet interior. I’m sure I could use it to create an objet d’art or maybe a gift for someone. Nah… better get rid of it now, or it’ll just hang around taking up space for another ten years.

192-206. These fifteen sheets of hang tags.

Tools of the retail trade. I’ll give these to someone who can use them.

207. This box of string tags.

More retail tools.

208. This old PIN number notification.

For a credit card I haven’t used in many years. Astounding.

209. This torn envelope.

What was I thinking when I decided this should be kept? Nothing in it. Torn in half. Nothing written on it. Bizarre.

210. This empty package of T-shirt Transfer paper.

I don’t even own a printer than can take this kind of paper any more. Besides which, the package was empty. Note the use of a hang tag (number 192-207) which indicates this was a product I sold in my shop way back when.

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