30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 22

30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 22

Day 22

Another archive dive. Stuff that was in my collage materials morgue, but never made it into any collage.

232. This old color copy of an anatomy diagram, with “Poster Cred” hands.

233-237. These five “Poster Cred” stickers.

An artist named Joseph King created these die-cut stickers of hands in 2011. The idea was that you could make it look like someone was holding something (a sign, etc.), photograph it, and he would post it on his blog. See sample usage on the anatomy diagram above. I’ll be sending this photo to him.

238. This Mobile Glassblowing Unit Schedule, Summer 1997.

“Aunt Gladys” (SIUC’s Mobile Glassblowing Unit, invented by Bill Boysen, and at the time, the only one in the world) was celebrating its 25th anniversary the year I graduated from SIUC. I toured with the unit on at least two occasions that I can remember.

239. This empty payment envelope.

I’d like to think that keeping this was accidental, but I’m not entirely sure that it was.

240. This software agreement brochure.

Ugh. How many trees did software companies kill with these?

241. Another color copy of an anatomy diagram.

242. A floppy disk.

Remember these? This relic dates from 1997, and contains scanned photographs for a printed brochure relating to SIUC’s Mobile Glassblowing Unit’s 25th anniversary. Perhaps I should see if the University Museum wants it for their archives.

243. A CD-ROM freebie, dated 2000.

In the 1990s & 2000s, some magazines used to include CD-ROMs of freebies to entice you at the newsstand. Now that magazine publishing (and newsstands) have all but disappeared, this seems like a relic too.

244. This Graduation card from friends of my parents.

I graduated in 1997, and haven’t spoken to or heard from these (good, kind) people since.

245-253. These wet/dry sandpaper sheets, silkscreened with a disposable razor.

I found these in the dumpster when I was in art school, evidently discarded by a printmaking student. Not wanting to waste perfectly usable sandpaper, I snagged them. I used a bunch of them, and this stack is what’s left… finally completing its journey to the dumpster after nearly 15 years.

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