30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 25

De-Clutter Challenge: Day 25

Day 25

More stuff from the filing cabinet. I’m beginning to view that filing cabinet as a black hole that sucks in every bit of paper that gets too near it.

301. This stack of blank holiday stationery.

302. This pack of glossy photo paper.

I still have the printer, but I’m sure I haven’t printed a photo on it in at least 5 years.

303. This stack of ruined blank paper.

I know, it could still be used as scratch paper, which is exactly the reason I kept it.

304-310. These commercial postcards.

311. This International Travelers Warranty.

For a laptop I’ve always hated (and will probably appear here before the challenge is over!) Basically it tells you that you’re screwed in five languages if your battery stops charging while traveling internationally.

312-325. These greeting cards.

Same criteria as before: if it didn’t have anything substantial or meaningful written inside, it gets tossed. Most of these were graduation cards from 1997, and I already spent the meaningful part.



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