30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 26

De-Clutter Challenge: Day 26

Day 26

Woo hoo! Only four more days to go! How’s your own de-cluttering going?

326. This Interview magazine.

I was never a subscriber to this magazine, but one day I received this issue unexplained.

327. This Tandy Leather catalog.

I’ve decided to leave the fancy leather-working to the hipsters.

328. This Museum magazine.

329. A Simplified Manner for Calculating Heat Transfer Through Refractory Walls.

Because, yeah… I don’t really foresee a need to calculate heat transfer through refractory walls at any time in my near future. And if I do, well, there’s always the internet.

330-332. These greeting cards and envelopes.

These things really pile up on you, if you let them.

333. This old library card.

334-339. These business cards.

340. This loyalty card.

Unfortunately, this art supply store is no longer around, and I dislike the company that bought it out.

341. This empty photo album.

Given to me as a sample when I owned a store, it looks like my cat ruined it when he was a kitten.

342. This certificate of title for a vehicle.

I sold this vehicle last year, but couldn’t locate this title, so I had to pay the state a fee to transfer the vehicle without a title. Sheesh.

343-345. These store receipts.

Why do I always save these, only to throw them out later?

346-351. These photographs.

If the quality of these photographs was any better, I would definitely keep them. I was experimenting with a new medium-format camera I had, but the aperture was too small so they came out too dark. These might be the only existing photos of the inside of my store, which is why I consider it a milestone that I’m willing to get rid of them.

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