30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 4

30-day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 4

Day 4

7. This pair of shoes.

I wore these every day during my first year at my job. Look how beaten up they got! I haven’t worn them since, and I had to wipe two years’ worth of dust and cobwebs off them to photograph them. Yeah, it’s time to go!

8. This air filter.

Not only have I not owned the truck this was purchased for in five years, it doesn’t even exist anymore! That truck was totalled in a terrible accident in 2009. (I was fine, but the guy that hit me wasn’t.)

9. This bracket thingy.

They came in packs of two. I needed three of them. This is the leftover. Buh-bye!

10. This pump from a shampoo bottle.

What was I thinking when I recycled the bottle, but kept this pump? Sometimes it’s good to get rid of the evidence of my past dumb-assery.

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