30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 9

30 Day De-Clutter Challenge: Day 9

Day 9

37. This unused cabinet door.

Almost too good to throw out. Brand new. Never used. What am I waiting for? The day I buy a cabinet that hasn’t got its own door, and yet matches the finish on this one? Good grief.

38-39. These two paintings.

These two paintings are so bad, I’m embarrassed for the artist. I wish that artist wasn’t me.

40-41. These two ticket stubs.

I visited the Great State Fair of Texas for the first time in 10 years last year. It rained. A lot. The food was expensive, and greasy. The crowds were damp and smelly. Why do I still have these tickets?

42-44. This business card and two expired coupons.

Nothing gives me more de-cluttering satisfaction than tossing a pile of business cards I don’t even remember getting (sorry if it’s yours.) Except for expired coupons.

45. This adaptor thingy.

Another thingy I kept for fear I would need it at some point in the future. I guess if that point ever comes, I will remain thingy-less.

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