Arc 2011.3

Arc 2011.3 © 2011 J. Thomson All rights reserved

Arc 2011.3 by J. Thomson. © 2011 All rights reserved.

The third painting in my latest series of abstract, shaped-canvas works. This arc is 8′ wide, and 24″ high. The medium is impasto oil on canvas, stretched on a thick panel.

I know this is a terrible shot, but believe me, this painting is a challenge to photograph! Even more so because it is slightly glossy. Hopefully I can get a better shot of it soon.

My concept of these shaped pieces is that the painting itself is an object, and does not imply any kind of illusion to three-dimensional space. In other words, it is not a window to look into (or, not only a window to look into) but an object in and of itself. I believe that a painting’s shape has content, and even a rectangle is a shape and it means something. To highlight this for the viewer, I deliberately tweak the rectangle by making it very long and thin, and then bending it.

Now that this painting has been finished for a couple of months, I wish I had taken the concept a bit further by not making the surface design so decorative. It is interesting to look at, but perhaps there is too much going on here. I think the next one will be much more subdued in terms of tone and color.

This painting has been exhibited once in Philadelphia, and is available for sale. Please contact me if you are interested in it.

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