Asher TX ’82, a one-act drama by Bruce R. Coleman

Asher TX '82 by Bruce R. Coleman © 2011 All rights reserved. The cover of Asher TX ’82, a new one-act drama by Bruce R. Coleman.
Cover photograph by Daylon Walton. Cover design and illustration by Jay Thomson.
Published in 2011 by LavaPress, available on Lulu.

In this new one-act drama by Dallas playwright Bruce R. Coleman, four teenagers from a small town in Texas wrestle with their own thoughts and feelings after the death of gay teen Billy Timmons, the victim of a violent hate-crime. Confronted with the past and the future, the four friends’ lives change forever as they must each decide which path to take.

Roles for four men (three teenagers, one 40’s) and two women (teens). Simple set design. Contact the author for performance rights and availability (contact info is included in the script.)


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