Custom-made Bow-Ties!

Fabric options for bespoke bow ties I’ve just posted a new section on for custom made bow-ties. You pick from my collection of >32 vintage and rare textiles (velvets, silks, brocades, geometrics, stripes, solids…) and choose from 7 bow-tie shapes, and I’ll create a special bow-tie for you!

I’ll also be adding more newly-created bow-ties ready to ship.

Bow-Tie Round Up

The Resource Exchange

Last Saturday, I hunted & gathered new (old) fabrics for bow-ties, and I hit the mother lode! I found a new (to me) place called The Resource Exchange, in Philadelphia. They’re all about recycling and up-cycling materials that otherwise would’ve been thrown in the landfill. They take donations from film production companies, theater companies, and individuals and make them available at reasonable prices to DIY crafters like me. Continue reading

Laser-cut acrylic templates for making bow-ties [v2.0]

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7 laser-cut acrylic templates for making shaped bow-ties. © 2013 J. Thomson
These heavy-duty acrylic cutting templates make it a snap to quickly and accurately cut fabric for making bow-ties. This suite of seven templates are laser-cut out of 4.5mm thick clear acrylic, making them durable and easy to use.  Continue reading

The Royal Crown Collection: 7 Regal DIY Bow-Ties

The Royal Crown Collection: 7 Regal DIY Bow-TiesI’ve updated my Royal Crowns Collection of bow-ties and fabrics. Now there are seven DIY cut and sew bow-ties on each yard (instead of the previous five).

Easy sewing instructions are included right on the fabric, and I also have a step-by-step tutorial on this site.

Digitally printed on Cotton Sateen or Cotton Silk by Scroll down to see all seven reversible designs. Click the image to order.

Also available printed on giftwrap, wallpaper, and fabric by the yard from

Continue reading

The Patriotic Collection: 7 Star-spangled Bow-Ties

The Patriotic Collection: What could be more American than Stars, Stripes, and Baseball? This collection includes seven different DIY cut and sew bow-ties on one yard of fabric. Instructions included. Best suited for Cotton Sateen (makes 7 bow-ties) or Cotton Silk (makes 5 bow-ties). See this, and all of my DIY Bow-Ties at Available now. Continue reading

Old Is Now

“What I like about the bow-tie
is that it’s both old-fashioned
and somehow clearly current.”

Alexander Olch

The Striped Sophisticate: 7 Cut & Sew Bow-Ties Bursting With Stripey Goodness! Fabric Design by J. Thomson © 2013 All rights reserved.

Middle finger

A bow-tie can often seem
“like a middle finger
protruding from your neck.”

Tucker Carlson

The Striped Sophisticate Collection: 7 Cut & Sew Bow-Ties Bursting with stripey goodness! Fabric design by J. Thomson © 2013 All rights reserved.

The 95 percent

95 percent of people who wear bow-ties wear them because 95 percent of people don’t.

The Big Dots Collection: 7 Cut & Sew Bow-Ties, fabric designed by J. Thomson © 2013 All rights reserved.

Bow-tie Briefing

“It’s only human nature to resent being told what to wear, when to wear it, what to eat–”

”Or whether you can wear a bow tie?” chimed in Justice Stevens, who rarely, if ever, wears any other neckwear on the bench.

—from an argument before the Supreme Court about whether Orthodox Jews should be exempt from the military dress code’s ban on indoor hat-wearing, New York Times, January 17, 1986.

Red White & Blue Stripes - The Patriotic Collection: 7 DIY Bow-Ties on 1 Yard of Fabric


Clip-on = Cop-out

People who cannot tie bow ties have no business wearing them. A clip-on bow tie is really a cop-out.

—Jack Freedman, of the mens clothier Paul Stewart

Woodgrain self-tie bow tie by J. Thomson

Get your bow-tying skills here.