Little Dots wallpaper

Little Dots on Charcoal wallpaper design © 2012 J. Thomson


This is one of my designs that is now available as custom-printed wallpaper and wall decals from Spoonflower, in addition to fabric. Continue reading

Royal Crowns Wallpaper

Royal Crowns (Yellow on Blue) wallpaper design © 2012 J. ThomsonRoyal Crowns wallpaper design (yellow on blue) now available from Spoonflower. Continue reading

Sneak Preview: Writing a book about Zazzle


Zazzle iPad cover by J. Thomson © 2011 All rights reserved.

This Painted iPad cover is just one of hundreds of products I designed from my original oil painting, available in my Zazzle shops.

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks in the house o’ Lava, as I’ve been writing my little fingers to the bone… Yes! It’s true! I finally started writing (as in typing & layout/graphic design) the book I’ve been thinking about for two years… I’ve made terrific headway (about 135 pages so far) and found an editor to help me along the wily route of publishing. More on that later (much, much later).

What’s it about? In short, it’s a book about Zazzling. That is, using Zazzle to design and print your own…anything. (Well, actually you do the designing, and Zazzle does the printing.) I wished I’d had a book like this when I first started designing for Zazzle more than two years ago. I kept searching the library and book stores for something similar, and nobody has one. Even Amazon doesn’t have any books on the subject. So I did the only thing I could think of: I wrote it myself. It aims to be a very complete, how-to book on how to use Zazzle. It has everything from the very basics, to projects for advanced users. I’m estimating the total page count will be several hundred pages. It is lavishly illustrated throughout. Continue reading

Halloween Vintage invitations and more

Here are a few more of my designs from Halloween Vintage

I see a fabulous Halloween in your future!

Custom Fortune Teller Cards & Invitations © 2011 J. Thomson Customizable Fortune Teller card by J. Thomson at Halloween Vintage Continue reading

Green Stone Binders & More

Green Stone custom binders, at The Bindery on Zazzle. © 2011 J. Thomson, All rights reserved. Green Stone & Linen Custom Binders by J. Thomson at The Bindery on Zazzle. Continue reading

1891 Photographer Vector Drawing

1891 Photographer © 2011 J. Thomson. All rights reserved. 1891 Photographer T-shirt
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Eastern State Penitentiary Photos: A grunge texture set

Old plaster and brick wall Yesterday I toured Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia with my aunt and uncle. Here are some photos I took of the crumbling ruin, which I am releasing on Flickr under the Creative Commons Share Alike license. They could be useful to someone working on a graphic design project in need of grungy textures, patterns or as backgrounds.
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