New Year’s collage (1990-2010)

New Year's Celebration on the Moon © J. Thomson all rights reserved In 1989 I came out of the closet as an atheist, and so I did not make a collage to celebrate Christmas, but I did make a New Year’s collage showing a surreal party on the moon, with chameleons, a chick and a frog. (The frog was for my friend Larry, who has collected them for years.) For the 20th anniversary of this design, I revamped it and reissued it. I guess I should make another version available without the year on it. Available in the giftshop here.

Here’s the updated version:

New Year's celebration on the moon © J. Thomson all rights reserved

Funeral Games Collage (1988)

Funeral Games, 1988 © J. Thomson all rights reserved In 1988 I was involved in the production of Funeral Games, by Joe Orton at the Pocket Sandwich Theater in Dallas (directed by Larry Stillings). I made this collage for the cast and crew members, colorizing each one differently. Some of the elements (such as the nun who has lost track of the baby on her head) were reused from an earlier Christmas collage (which I can’t seem to find in my collection, but if I do I will of course post it here.) All of the elements in this collage have some meaning or relationship to the play.

For the 20th anniversary of this design, I colorized it digitally and re-issued it. Available in the giftshop here.

Prehistoric Christmas (1987)

Prehistoric Christmas collage circa 1987 © J. Thomson, all rights reserved In 1987, I was a year out of high school and working at the R&D lab of a major oil company in Texas, in the mailroom/office services. Since I was into collage, and had free access to a very fancy copier I made my first collage christmas card that year. I hand colored each one differently, and even made my own envelopes. Flash forward 25 years, and I’m still doing it, albeit with slightly more modern technology (Photoshop, scanners and Zazzle) than scissors and rubber cement. This is the only copy I have extant. The copies I mailed were on pastel colored paper, but I wanted this scan to look more like the original drawing, so I left it on white.

Prehistoric Christmas collage (inside) © 1987 J. Thomson, all rights reserved

Even the envelopes were individually handmade:

© J. Thomson all rights reserved © 1987 J. Thomson all rights reserved