Countdown to All Hallow’s Eve

Every painting tells a story

Working in an art museum allows me to plumb the depths of the collection in a way that would be difficult, if not impractical, for most visitors. While we certainly encourage visitors to pursue their own academic interests arising from what they’ve seen (the Barnes’ art library is free and open to the public during business hours), sometimes the artwork Dr. Barnes collected is fascinating for the stories behind it, rather than the work’s formal qualities. Such is the case with a painting that can be seen in Gallery 23, by Tilly Losch. It’s a fun story to tell, and I’ve chosen to turn it into a Prezi presentation which you can view below. 

This is a rough draft— the real story is so much more detailed than appropriate for a short Prezi— and I haven’t yet drawn up the bibliography which I intend to do, but art geeks should get a kick out of this. 

Best watched in full screen mode. Advance at your own pace by using your keyboard’s arrow keys, or the onscreen arrows. 

Gates of Hell

Detail of Auguste Rodin's Gates of HellA detail shot of the massive Gates of Hell, by Auguste Rodin, at the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia.


Plumbing Thingies

Plumbing thingie (2013, Atlantic City) Plumbing thingie (2013, Atlantic City)

Self Portrait (Atlantic City)

Self Portrait (Atlantic City), 2013.

Old Is Now

“What I like about the bow-tie
is that it’s both old-fashioned
and somehow clearly current.”

Alexander Olch

The Striped Sophisticate: 7 Cut & Sew Bow-Ties Bursting With Stripey Goodness! Fabric Design by J. Thomson © 2013 All rights reserved.

Middle finger

A bow-tie can often seem
“like a middle finger
protruding from your neck.”

Tucker Carlson

The Striped Sophisticate Collection: 7 Cut & Sew Bow-Ties Bursting with stripey goodness! Fabric design by J. Thomson © 2013 All rights reserved.

The 95 percent

95 percent of people who wear bow-ties wear them because 95 percent of people don’t.

The Big Dots Collection: 7 Cut & Sew Bow-Ties, fabric designed by J. Thomson © 2013 All rights reserved.

Bow-tie Briefing

“It’s only human nature to resent being told what to wear, when to wear it, what to eat–”

”Or whether you can wear a bow tie?” chimed in Justice Stevens, who rarely, if ever, wears any other neckwear on the bench.

—from an argument before the Supreme Court about whether Orthodox Jews should be exempt from the military dress code’s ban on indoor hat-wearing, New York Times, January 17, 1986.

Red White & Blue Stripes - The Patriotic Collection: 7 DIY Bow-Ties on 1 Yard of Fabric


Earth Day Celebration & Open Studio Event

Greene Street Artists' 4th Annual Earth Day Celebration & Open Studios Event is on April 21, 2013