Free Fabric Swatch — 24 hours only!

Spoonflower Custom Fabrics logo Today is “Free Fabric Swatch” day at That is, until Noon tomorrow (Friday, August 19th, 2011) you can get a single swatch of custom fabric for free, instead of the normal $5.00. Even the postage is free. It can be one of my fabrics, or any other fabric for sale at Spoonflower. It’s a great way to sample the quality of custom fabric printing from Spoonflower.

EDIT: It seems that Spoonflower’s servers have been overwhelmed… the site has been slow all morning, and it just crashed as I clicked “place order”. If this happens to you, just try again later. Hopefully the problem will be sorted out soon. You can also check for updates on Spoonflower’s Facebook page.

EDIT: Spoonflower’s Free Swatch Day was a big success! They gave away 7,300 free swatches of fabric, and also raised $2,500 for Heifer International. Read more about it on the Spoonflower blog here.

In case you missed my blog posts about the fabrics I’ve been designing, here are a few samples that I have available on Spoonflower:

Pen Pals © 2011 J. Thomson All rights reserved

Retro Holidays fabric, © 2011 by J. Thomson All rights reserved.

Retro Kitchen fabric © 2011 J. Thomson All rights reserved.

Stripes & Paisley © 2011 J. Thomson All rights reserved

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