Glassblower (1995)

Glassblowing, 1995 I studied glassblowing for seven years in college and graduate school. As an undergraduate, SIUC did not have a glassblowing major available to me at the time, so my degree is in painting and drawing, but most of my coursework was in glassblowing. I had to find ways to combine the two fields, and I ended up doing a lot of drawings (etching & engraving) onto the surface of blown glass pieces I made. (Contrary to this drawing, I did not blow glass in the nude.) Available in the gift shop here.

Here’s a couple of images of me from around 1995-1997, blowing glass at SIUC:

As a beginning glassblowing student, circa 1992-1997 Glassblowing, circa 1992-1997 On tour with the mobile glassblowing unit ("Aunt Gladys"), circa 1995-1997.

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