Laser-Cut Bow-Tie Templates

Acrylic templates for cutting 7 different bow-ties from fabric. © 2013 J. Thomson All rights reserved

Note: This post was originally published in 2013, as I was developing the first set of templates. They have been updated since then, and are available to purchase at now. tweet

I finally received my first-ever set of laser-cut acrylic bow-tie templates for cutting fabric (available from Ponoko here).  (Please excuse the crappy smartphone photo.)

For those of you just joining me here… back in November I designed a set of templates for cutting fabric to be made out of laser-cut clear acrylic (why clear? All the better to see the fabric pattern underneath, my dear!) I was motivated to make them because I was frustrated at how long it took me to cut fabric for bow-ties using either paper patterns or heavier cardboard patterns I’d made. Inevitably, the paper/cardboard would cut or rip after only a few ties made.


Bow-Tie Templates by J. Thomson © 2013 All rights reserved.

I still haven’t tested all seven designs yet, but my first impression is WHEW! This is SO MUCH easier and faster! [Edit: I’ve now tested all seven designs, and they work GREAT!] My favorite shapes are the two with pointed ends.

I simply place the fabric to be cut on my cutting mat, position the template over the fabric. Since it’s clear, I can easily line up the fabric so the pattern lies straight. Then I use my 28mm rotary cutter to cut around the template. Simple, accurate and efficient! And I’m no longer limited to just one or two tie shapes.

Using my acrylic template to cut fabric for bow-ties

The templates *are* more expensive than I would have liked (around $57 + shipping for seven templates)… but this is because of the nature of laser-cutting from Ponoko. So, probably not for the bow-tie enthusiast only interested in making a few ties. BUT if you are in business on Etsy or e-Bay making and selling your own ties, these templates may allow you to be more efficient. And as we all know, time saved is money saved.

Stay tuned for more (and better!) pictures of the templates and the ties made from them.

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6 Responses to Laser-Cut Bow-Tie Templates

  1. Avelina says:

    I did not see the bow tie acrylic template forsale? How can I order?

  2. Andrews2023 says:

    How can I purchase the templates finished in the acrylic and how much will it cost me?

    • Lavaguy says:

      Ordering the templates is a two step process. First, click on the link in the post and purchase the design file in Ponoko’s marketplace. Second, order the acrylic templates from Ponoko. You will upload the design file to your Ponoko maker account when you place the order. Doing it this way saves time and money, since the completed templates are shipped directly to you instead of shipping to me first. Final cost varies, but you will see that on the Ponoko website.

  3. EricB says:

    I just purchased the template to have cut by ponoko. I forgot to ask what are the dimensions of the finished product? They looked a bit small but as most of know, pictures can sometimes be deceiving.

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