New Venture: LavaPress Publishing

AsherTx_cover_WEB Recently I recognized a need among artists and theatre people who need help getting their work published, so I started a new venture: LavaPress Publishing. My goal is to navigate the turbulent waters of the publishing industry for emerging playwrights and artists, so they can keep doing what they do while promoting their work.

Two years ago I started learning about publishing because I was interested in writing a book. While I’m not an expert on traditional publishing (yet?) I have learned an awful lot about the new world of digital publishing. Using various services like Lulu, Blurb, and CreateSpace, authors now have the opportunity to publish their own work in a really professional looking format.

The trouble with self-publishing is that it can still be a nightmarish headache to figure everything out!

Not only do you have to write well, but you have to know about graphic design and layout (and the software that goes with those), plus enough about the publishing world’s intricacies like standard sizes, ISBN numbers, barcodes, and distribution channels to make through to the end without wasting a lot of time and money. Even with the advances of digital self-publishing, these details are more than most people—even the very motivated— can learn (or are willing to).
Sherlock Holmes vs. Godzilla (a melodrama in 2 acts) by Benjamin Schroth That’s where I come in. You write the play or paint the paintings. When you’re ready to promote your work by having it professionally published, contact me. I will edit, do the graphic design and layout, proofread, and publish your work for you in a short amount of time.

The cost? Less than you think. Prices vary depending on what services you need, but begin at just $300 for publishing a one-act play (for example). You own the copyright. You control the licenses for performances. It’s your play. I just help you publish it.

Contact me for a prospectus if you’re interested in publishing your work.
Look What's Happened to Pixie De Costa! (a comedy in two acts) by Bruce R. Coleman Plays are the quickest to publish. With the ones I have published so far, my turn-around time is about one week. Printing and delivery takes another week to week and a half. That’s it! From there, you can sell your plays on your own website, or send out your own marketing blasts… hopefully a producer or theater company elsewhere in the country will want to produce your play!

Art books (exhibition catalogs, essays, exhibitions-in-print, monographs, etc.) take longer because they’re bigger and more complicated projects; but the turn-around time is still much faster than the traditional publishing route.

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