Look What’s Happened To Pixie De Costa!

Look What's Happened To Pixie De Costa! (a comedy in two acts) by Bruce R. ColemanThe cover of Look What’s Happened To Pixie De Costa!,
A trash classic in two fast red hot acts by Bruce R. Coleman.
Published by LavaPress, 2011.

Bruce R. Coleman has done it again! This Dallas-area playwright has delighted audiences with his new camp classic send-up of everything from Whatever Happened To Baby Jane, Sunset Boulevard, Mildred Pierce, Double Indemnity, A Streetcar Named Desire, to The Maltese Falcon, Kiss Me Deadly, and (Lord help us!) even The Sound of Music!

LOOK WHAT’S HAPPENED TO PIXIE DE COSTA! is the tragic tale of the De Costa Sisters; gracious, loving and talented Margot and the train wreck that IS Pixie De Costa!

Their story begins with the De Costa Family’s Vaudeville act circa 1912, and travels forward in time to 1932, the height of the sisters’ Movie Fame! But a horrible accident cuts the De Costa’s assent short, and sends them spiralling downward into the pitch black abyss of evil! Today, it is 1957 and Margot and Pixie find themselves unhappily chained together by unresolved resentment and revenge! Things take a murderous turn for the worse when Pixie, in her lust for fame, decides to take matters into her own hands!

A lighthearted evening of song and merriment! (OR…IS…IT?)

Originally produced by Theatre Three at Theatre Too! in Dallas, Texas in 2008, the play is finally available in script format ($9.99 exclusively from LavaPress. Preview the first 15 pages free.) Producers and theaters wishing to mount their own production of … Pixie De Costa should contact the author directly to request the rights, using the contact information in the front of the script.

A raucous riot of a comedy, … Pixie De Costa will leave your audience clamoring for more. Roles for four women, and five men (including a double/drag role).

Bruce R. Coleman is a talented director, costumer, set designer, playwright, and sometimes-actor from Dallas, Texas. He is also the author of a new one-act drama, Asher Texas ’82, (available in autumn 2011) from LavaPress.

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