New Necktie Sewing Patterns to Download and Print

Necktie Sewing Pattern, © 2014 J. Thomson, all rights reserved.

People have often asked me if I make neckties (in addition to the bow ties I’m already known for), and why I don’t make them.

The truth is, I’ve never had an interest in making them since I rarely wear them. However, lately I’ve been wanting to make a few neckties because I had some gorgeous fabric that isn’t suitable for bow ties: it’s either too thick, or the pattern is too large to make an impact in the relatively small area of a bow tie.

When I searched online for a suitable sewing pattern, I found exactly none. Sure, there are a handful available, but each had their problems. A lot are made for little boys, and not men. Sometimes the construction is not up to my standards, and in one or two cases the pattern just did not work as advertised.

Skinny Necktie Sewing Pattern © 2014 J. Thomson, all rights reserved.So what’s a Lavaguy to do? That’s right, I spent hours upon hours drafting my own necktie patterns from scratch.

I did a lot of research to find out what is considered a “standard” width these days. I settled on two widths: a 3¼″ which is slightly narrower than the standard of the recent past, and a 2½″ “skinny” necktie that is all the rage now.

Both of these are in “beta” testing right now… the patterns have been drafted and some tests have been successful, but more tweaks may be necessary to make it perfect. They are both available at a special price (until my tests are complete, at which time the price will increase)… you can purchase them to download and print here.

I plan to post more pictures and complete step-by-step tutorials when I’m finished testing the patterns. If you decide to download these patterns and try it for yourself, I welcome your feedback on them!

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