New Prints and New Framing Options

Untitled #4 by J. Thomson
Untitled #4 (2011) Digital print of a digitally altered oil on wood panel painting by J. Thomson.
Thanks to the new options available in the gift shop on Zazzle, I am now able to offer my paintings as great quality prints at reasonable prices. The actual paintings are quite small (some about the size of a bathroom tile), but because I make a super-high resolution scan, they can be made any size you want, up to 40″ or even bigger.

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Available in several formats: Gallery-wrapped canvas (the thick kind that looks great without a traditional frame), or high-quality prints on heavy archival paper. You have the option of ordering the prints unframed (take them to your local framer) or now Zazzle offers custom framing with a lot of options available online. The online custom framing tool is very easy to use to put together a look with or without a mat (either single or double-matted).

Having previously sold custom framing in my own store, I can tell you that Zazzle’s online framing tool is good for basic framing jobs. You won’t get anything truly “custom” here (ie, no special mat cuts, no unusual frame moldings, and acrylic glazing only,  since it must be shipped). But if you don’t have  a local framer, or you’re looking for something easy and basic (ie, black frame, white mat) then we now offer that option.

Zazzle’s framing department is brand new, and I haven’t had a chance yet to try it out myself, but I have read posts in the forums from people who  had tried it. Most liked it and were satisfied. A few had some suggestions, which Zazzle employees gratefully accepted. And because Zazzle has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the few that had issues (one guy said his black metal frame was slightly scratched when he got it; and was offered a re-do of the job. I can tell you black metal frames are almost impossible NOT to scratch!)

The images in this post show one of my latest prints taken from one of my paintings, and several framing options. I’m adding more of these, and if you want to see what else I have please take a look in the Art of Lavaguy giftshop.

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