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Why should you publish your play with LavaPress?*

You are one seriously busy theatre individual. You probably work at least one full-time job to support your theatre habit (maybe more), and you spend practically every moment when you’re not at your day job either in rehearsals or performance, or writing your next award-winner.

Maybe you’ve just started writing, or maybe you’ve written a number of plays. In the latter case, you probably move on to the next project as soon as one is finished. Whatever your situation is, you’re just too darned busy to take the time it takes to learn about self-publishing. Besides learning all the ins and outs of the publishing world (do you know what an ISBN is? do you know how to get one? do you even need one?), you also need to have the skills and expensive computer software to do the graphic design and layout. And that’s just getting your script published. You need to market and sell your script after that, too.
quill_inkwell I can help you with all of these things. You write the plays, I’ll do the rest. You maintain copyright ownership and rights of performance. You do not owe me any difficult-to-compute royalties. And you can choose how much or little help from me you need: do you just need someone who can edit and format your script for submission to the big publishers? Or do you need someone to guide you all the way through the publishing process, and help market your play? I can do as much or as little as you wish (or that your budget will allow).

When you hire me to publish your play, you’re really hiring me as your editor, graphic designer/layout artist, and publishing consultant; you are the author and publisher, and owner of your original creation. Once the play is published, you have the option of marketing the play yourself, or hiring me or someone else to assist you with that as well.

*I don’t do just plays. If you have a novel, cook-book, fine-art book, how-to book or other publishing project you’d like help with, please contact me to discuss your project!  I also handle greeting cards, fine-art prints, calendars and more.



A typed or printed manuscript bound in a folder from an office supply store (or more likely pilfered from your day job!) may be good enough, especially for the first production of your play. But it doesn’t look very professional, and it will not help you sell your play to other theaters. It will not get your play listed in Books in Print, and it will not get your play on the shelves of your local bookstore or listed for sale at, or in the libraries of colleges and cities across the United States. And it probably won’t impress your friends, neighbors and relatives when they see it either.

Publishing your play as a professionally designed bound script, with a full color custom designed graphic cover and standard text layout inside looks impressive. It is impressive. It looks like you know what you’re doing. It’s also easier to provide your script this way to theater companies wishing to produce your play, instead of assembling multiple copies of your manuscript.

Next week, I’ll give a detailed explanation of the publishing process when you work with me, or you can download my full Prospectus for Playwrights, or contact me for more information.

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