Publishing Your Play: What to Expect

Here’s what you can expect when you hire me to publish your play or other title. If you have more questions about the process, you can download the Prospectus for Playwrights, or contact me for more information.
1-Send Files via Email

After you sign the contract and pay the 50% deposit, I’ll ask you to email your manuscript, cast list or program, cover art or photographs so I can begin working on them. I prefer that you send text files as .doc, .txt, or .rtf, but I may be able to work with other file types. If your manuscript is not in an electronic format, you should type it (or get someone to type it for you) before sending it to me, otherwise I’ll have to charge you to transcribe it. Send photographs or cover art as PNG files (preferred) or high-resolution JPEG (.jpg). All art needs to be at least 300 dpi at 100% or more of the printed size. I can help you understand these formats if they’re confusing to you. Scanning art or re-typing text from hard copies is extra.

2-Text Layout

Initial text layout into pages. Includes adding title page, copyright information, agent or contact information, and page numbers, using industry-standard formatting. Up to two hours included in fee. Longer projects, special requests, or changes to layout may require additional fee.

3-Cover Design & Layout

Includes simple layout and editing of cover art or photograph, and adding title, subtitle, by-line, jacket blurb, credits. Add ISBN and barcode if desired. Up to three hours included in fee. Original cover design is not included, but may requested for an additional fee. Complex design and changes in excess of three hours is additional. Note: all submissions, including art for the cover must be compliant with copyright law; you must be the copyright owner, or have written permission from the owner/creator to use the artwork on the cover of your script. The same applies to the content of your script.


Final layout and formatting edits, and proof-reading done by me. Includes correcting errors. Generally requires 2-3 hours, which is included in the fee. Any additions to the script by you at this stage are charged extra. (ie, “Can you insert this new scene between II:3 and II:4?” requires an additional fee because changes in page count take time and affect layout, which has already been done at this point. You should really be ready to publish before you submit files to me.)

5-Export & Upload

Includes initial flight-check of files, error correcting, exporting files, and uploading to printing service. May take anywhere from 1-8 working hours. Included in base fee.

6-Author's Proof

Once the files are uploaded, you will receive a link to preview the script as it will be printed (or alternatively, I can email a PDF to you for proofreading). I will await your approval before proceeding, so it is imperative that you respond quickly if deadlines are to be met. I am not responsible for deadlines missed due to slow response from you at this stage.

At this stage, if you find any errors I missed, I will correct them at no additional charge (typos, formatting, spelling errors, etc.). However if you request changes that were not part of the original proposal, they will require additional time charged at $25 per hour or part thereof.

7-Correct Errors

If corrections or changes are required, we go back to step four. This proofing and error correction process is repeated until you are satisfied and approve the project to move forward. However, keep in mind that design time beyond original corrections of any errors is charged at $25 per hour or part thereof. This is not the time to do additional writing or editing of your script. Generally, the layout is either approved as-is, or with minor corrections which require no additional charge. If you approved the proof without changes, we proceed to the final step.


Once you approve the proof, the final version will be flight-checked, exported and uploaded to the printing service. No changes at all can occur after this point, so make sure you are satisfied with the script before approving it.

At this point, I will calculate the remaining balance and send you an invoice. Once the balance is paid, the final script will be sent to the printer and ordered for you. You will receive a link to your online script, where you can order it now or anytime in the future. You can keep this link private, or publicize it as you wish. After your original order is placed, the script will remain available for ordering forever, or until you decide to take it out of print.

If you purchased additional services such as conversion to an eBook, I will now convert the layout and submit it to Amazon for the Kindle. This generally takes another 2-3 days. If you purchased a distribution package, the title will also be submitted to Books in Print, which will make it available for bricks-and-mortar bookstores, schools and libraries to add it to their bookshelves.

You should receive your printed copies of the book in 2-3 weeks (sometimes less).

If revisions after publishing are necessary, a separate contract will be negotiated depending on the extent of revisions.

Once you receive your printed scripts, you may market your work for sale via websites, social networking sites, and blogs. I may or may not choose to publicize your script through my own channels (unless you tell me not to for some reason).

If you have more questions about the process, you can download the Prospectus for Playwrights, or contact me for more information.

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