Word Game Fabrics


Word Game fabrics, © 2011 J. Thomson

Version 1. Printed on Cotton Sateen fabric. See below for updated colors.

UPDATE 8/26/11: I spent most of yesterday re-drawing this design (as I mention later in this post), but I was so happy with the results that I uploaded the revisions as REPLACEMENTS for the printed samples shown here, instead of completely new designs in addition to these. Updated photos are forthcoming, but you can see the designs at the end of this post.

A while back I designed three coordinating fabrics inspired by the Scrabble® brand crossword game. My fabric proofs just arrived from the printer, and here they are…

There are three related versions of this design: an all-over print of the board with a game in progress, a border print where the playing board repeats as an all-over print, but the letter tiles are confined to one edge of the fabric, and a version with just the board and no tiles. These three versions give you a lot of flexibility in using them: you could design a Scrabble® dress or shirt, with the word tiles just along the hem, or a quilt that has a blank board on the back you could actually play on, etc.

Recently, someone contacted me via Spoonflower and asked me to make the fabrics available for sale (which involves ordering proofs of the printed fabric from Spoonflower.) I just got the proofs in, and have approved them for sale, with the following caveats:

  • The colors are much darker and vibrant than I expected (not necessarily a bad thing). If you look at a Scrabble® board, the colors are actually washed out. While I think these darker colors make for a better fabric design, they are not the most accurate colors compared to the real thing.
  • Because during my research I had no luck at all discovering what the official “Scrabble®” font used in the game is (it seems to be a proprietary font) I used the closest fonts I could find. Surprisingly, this varied from letter to letter. I ended up using a mix of Helvetica Neue, News Gothic, and Myriad Pro. What I did not notice during the design phase was that these fonts vary slightly in their weight. It is more noticeable in the printed fabric. However, the difference is so slight that it’s possible I am the only person who would notice or care. Why I didn’t think to scan actual Scrabble® tiles is beyond me.
Word Game Fabrics © 2011 J. Thomson

Printed on Upholstery-weight Twill. Note those are actual Scrabble tiles lying on the fabric, not part of the design.

I think the final three fabrics are fine to release as-is on their own, but I do plan to spend more time re-doing the design to lighten the colors and re-letter the tiles so they’re more consistent. The downside to this is that it will be at least two more weeks, and probably longer, before those re-vamped versions are ready for the public.

Word Game Fabrics, © 2011 J. Thomson

Printed on Linen-Cotton Canvas.

So, if the two issues I mentioned do not affect you, you can go ahead and order the fabrics here. If you prefer to wait until the newer versions are available, leave a comment below and I will let you know when they’re ready.
If you make a project using this fabric, please send me a photo or upload it to the Spoonflower Flickr pool! I’d love to see it.
[mantra-pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”33%”]NOTE: Thanks to the lawyers at Hasbro, my Word Game (blank board) design is no longer available. However, the border print version will give you about 30″ high x 36″ wide area of blank board per yard of Kona Cotton.[/mantra-pullquote]
The revised designs are shown below. If you order one of these fabrics now, it will look like the images below.
NOTE: “Scrabble®” and the Scrabble® brand crossword game are registered trademarks of Hasbro. The fabrics shown here are not endorsed by, or affiliated with the official Scrabble® brand crossword game.

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7 Responses to Word Game Fabrics

  1. Antoinette says:

    Sorry, maybe it is late and my brain isn’t working properly – I’m interested in the board with no tiles, and I can’t find info about how big the full board is. Does it scale to the width of the fabric, so if I order on 45″ wide fabric, the board is 45″ square, and if I order on 58″ fabric the board is 58″ square? Thanks in advance for clarifying. Well done! I have some ideas for this fabric!

    • Lavaguy says:

      Hi Antoinette,

      The size of the print does not change no matter what width of fabric you order it on. BUT, it is a repeating pattern, and it will fill the whole width of fabric even if you order it on the 58″ wide fabric. In other words, no matter what width the fabric is, the squares will still be approximately 1″ high. Does that make sense?

    • Lavaguy says:

      BTW, the board is approximately life-size to a real Scrabble board… that way you can use your own tiles from the game on it!

  2. Brilliant! Love this design!

  3. Miranda Moffatt says:

    Dear Seidabacon,
    I was overjoyed when I discovered your design, then equally overcome with
    joy when
    I recieved the fabric yesterday. I want to whip the fabric up into a ’50’s
    styled dress. I’m a bit excited about my impending project.
    I have been searching and searching for a print exactly like yours for a
    long time , obviously with no luck and was thinking about designing my own,
    then found yours. Which is just PERFECT ! exactly what I had pictured in my
    mind’s eye.
    Will keep you updated with the outcome
    thankyou Honey,
    Hope it is ok to reply to your message here, I tried a different way which didn’t work

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