Sherlock Holmes vs. Godzilla (a melodrama in two acts)

Sherlock Holmes vs. Godzilla (a melodrama in two acts) by Benjamin Schroth

The cover of Sherlock Holmes vs. Godzilla, by Benjamin Schroth. Published by LavaPress, 2011.

In this spoofilicious comedy by Dallas producer/author/actor Benjamin Schroth, Sherlock Holmes and his loyal sidekick Dr. John Watson fight the greatest evil yet. Time travel, a fictional giant lizard and a villain from drive-in movies challenge our deductive hero with evil and seduction of every stripe.

Watson helps as best he can but is distracted by the call of the wild in the form of both automaton seductresses and an unwillingly cross-dressed assistant. In the end, Holmes must face Godzilla and his own gooey inner demons to save the world from its farcical fate.

Originally produced by The Pocket Sandwich Theater in Dallas, Texas as a late-night melodrama in April, 2011. This original script is available for sale. You can even preview the first 15 pages of the script for free. Producers and theaters seeking production rights should contact the author directly using the contact information in the script.

The play received the distinction of being added to the library of the Sherlock Holmes Society of Toronto, Canada.

[UPDATE 2/28/2012]: Ben received the prestigious Steve Lovett Column Award for Outstanding New Play by a Local Playwright! Congratulations, Ben!

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