Stripes & Paisley (fabric design)

Stripes & Paisley © 2011 J. Thomson All rights reserved

This Stripes and Paisley pattern was my first attempt at designing a hand-drawn, repeating pattern. (A repeating pattern is one where the left side matches the right side, and the top matches the bottom. That way, it can repeat forever to fill up any size space, such as on fabric.) It wasn’t easy to get all those jiggly lines to line up right, but I finally succeeded and produced this line of fabrics, all of which are available on Spoonflower. You can get it in yardage, or as small as an 8″ square. And it comes on many types of fabric, including upholstery fabric, cotton knit (t-shirt fabric), quilting weight cotton, and even Silk crepe de chine or cotton voile.

As a compliment, I also designed a line of stationery (including letterhead, invitations and envelopes), binders, stickers, jewelry and more… all of which can be customized by you for no additional charge. You can find those items here at The Bindery on Zazzle.

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