Mail Art – April 16, 1987: Jon Held, Jr.

Jon Held, Jr. was something of a big-shot in the mail art world. It was just a coincidence that he lived in the same city I did. It’s interesting to note that Duchamp became one of my favorite figures in Art History, and I now live in Philadelphia, where many of Duchamp’s most famous pieces reside (including his Large Glass, which can be seen in the stamps Jon sent me.)


Mail art by Jon Held, Jr.


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Prehistoric Christmas (1987)

Prehistoric Christmas collage circa 1987 © J. Thomson, all rights reserved In 1987, I was a year out of high school and working at the R&D lab of a major oil company in Texas, in the mailroom/office services. Since I was into collage, and had free access to a very fancy copier I made my first collage christmas card that year. I hand colored each one differently, and even made my own envelopes. Flash forward 25 years, and I’m still doing it, albeit with slightly more modern technology (Photoshop, scanners and Zazzle) than scissors and rubber cement. This is the only copy I have extant. The copies I mailed were on pastel colored paper, but I wanted this scan to look more like the original drawing, so I left it on white.

Prehistoric Christmas collage (inside) © 1987 J. Thomson, all rights reserved

Even the envelopes were individually handmade:

© J. Thomson all rights reserved © 1987 J. Thomson all rights reserved