Glassblower (1995)

Glassblowing, 1995 I studied glassblowing for seven years in college and graduate school. As an undergraduate, SIUC did not have a glassblowing major available to me at the time, so my degree is in painting and drawing, but most of my coursework was in glassblowing. I had to find ways to combine the two fields, and I ended up doing a lot of drawings (etching & engraving) onto the surface of blown glass pieces I made. (Contrary to this drawing, I did not blow glass in the nude.) Available in the gift shop here.

Here’s a couple of images of me from around 1995-1997, blowing glass at SIUC:

As a beginning glassblowing student, circa 1992-1997 Glassblowing, circa 1992-1997 On tour with the mobile glassblowing unit ("Aunt Gladys"), circa 1995-1997.

Entering a darkened room (1995)

Entering a darkened room, 1995
Entering a Darkened Room, a drawing from one of my sketchbooks circa 1995. I think this one was based on a forboding dream I had.

Cellist (1995)

Here is a sketch I made while on a trip to see friends in Denver, Colorado. It’s a portrait of a cellist named Wayne Templeman. In the versions of this design with the text, it reads “Cellist Wayne @ Mercury Denver CO”. The drawing is dated 8*14*95. Available in the gift shop here.

Self portrait (1995)

Sketch from 1995 (Self portrait)
Another untitled self portrait in colored pencil and marker, from my 1995 sketchbook.

Shaving my head (1995)

Shaving my head, 1995

In 1995 I shaved my head during a performance art piece.

Pencil sketch (1995)

Pencil sketch, 1995
A pencil sketch from my 1995 sketchbook.

Reading (1995)

A warped-perspective drawing of me reading in bed, from my 1995(ish) sketchbook. I wonder what I was reading?

Self portrait (1995)

1995 Self portrait
A reclining self portrait from my 1995 sketchbook, in a style typical of my drawings from that period.

Reclining self portrait (1995)

Reclining self portrait from 1995
A reclining self portrait from my 1995 sketchbook, with imagery typical for my drawings at the time.

Three Figures (1995)

Three Figures, sketchbook drawing, 1995
A sketch from my 1995(ish) sketchbook illustrating a love-triangle, with imagery typical for my drawings at the time.