Archive Dive: Object for Imagining


Object for imagining, 1997. Found object of weathered wood, iron, plastic. 1997

While living in Scotland on the coast of the North Sea, I often collected pieces of weathered driftwood like this. Many of them were incorporated into small boxes, and sculptures a lá Joseph Cornell (1903-1972) whose work I admire. Unfortunately, none of those assemblages survive, as I was not able to ship them home with me. This is the only piece small enough to return with me.

Passionfruit collage (1997)

Passionfruit collage, © 1997 J. Thomson all rights reserved
Here’s a fun little collage I did on a piece of luan plywood for Valentine’s Day. After I made the original collage, I had color photocopies of it made, which I then individualized further with rubber stamps and other additions. Each one is unique in a subtle way. Available in the giftshop here.

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Beech Hedge (1997)

Beech hedge © 1997 J. Thomson all rights reserved

After earning my BFA from SIUC, I spent nearly a year living in Scotland at Hospitalfield House in Arbroath, as artist in residence. This is a little pen and ink drawing I did on a postcard. The subject is a row of gnarly beech trees, facing the North Sea. It was one of my favorite places on the estate to hide out on a brooding Novermber-ish day and watch the sea and clouds where nobody could find me. These trees were cut back to stumps in the spring of ’98, much to my dismay.

Dada Art Party (1997)

Dada Art Party, 1997

This is a drawing I made around 1997 to illustrate a story in the Arts & Entertainment section of the Southern Illinoisan, about the Dada Art Party happening at the Douglass School Art Place in Murphysboro. The image ran above the fold on the front page of the section. Available in the gift shop here.