Untitled Drawing #1 (1998)


Untitled drawing #1, 1998 © J. Thomson Here is another untitled “automatic” drawing I made when I lived in Scotland in 1998 that I found today while organizing my studio. It’s approximately 5″ x 7″, and I probably intended it to be a postcard, but I never sent it to anyone.

I’ve posted this drawing on my Zazzle site, where you can buy high-quality reproductions.

Untitled Drawing #2 (1998)


Untitled drawing #2 (1998) © J. Thomson I found this drawing (and one other, shown in the next post) today in my archives while organizing the studio. It’s one of a small series of drawings I made the year I lived in Scotland. I remember making this drawing sitting in my studio at the top of the tower at Hospitalfield, around April I think. The sky was bright but overcast, and evidence of spring was all around.

These abstract drawings were made in the same manner as automatic writing… I just started drawing without any pre-conceived notion (except for colors, of course) of what form would appear. It was a very meditative thing to do, and doing it seemed to calm me down from some of the frustrations I had while living there.

I’ve posted this drawing on my Zazzle site, where you can purchase high-quality reproductions of it.

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Untitled #4 by J. Thomson
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And + Marks The Spot Where We Used To Play (1995)

Plus painting © 1996 J. Thomson all rights reserved

By 1995, I was taking some painting classes, but I was one of the few students painting in a completely abstract/non-objective manner. This painting was the second of two large plus-sign-shaped canvases I made. This one was designed to be hung either as a Plus shape, or as an X shape. I can’t seem to find an image of the first painting, which was made in response to the AIDS crisis, for World AIDS Day. But I still own both paintings, so eventually I’ll get a photo of it to post here. This was one of the paintings I made after I was awarded the Liquitex prize and I had tons of acrylic paints and mediums to play with. This painting is four feet across (wider when hung diagonally as shown). It may not be the best painting ever, but I’m still proud of what I accomplished then when everybody else was making mostly schlocky paintings of horses and crap. I have turned down many offers to purchase this painting, but if the price was right…