Baroque Wallpaper Collection

My Baroque Collection is now available as custom printed wallpaper! Each heavyweight roll is pre-glued (simply dampen and position to install) and comes in standard rolls 24″ wide x 144″ long. Custom length rolls also available (priced by the foot). 12″ x 24″ Swatches are only $5! Click the image to order.

Baroque - Machiavellian (Large)
Baroque – Machiavellian (large print)
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Baroque Giftwraps

My Baroque collection is now available as gift wrap! Each roll is printed on heavy paper (satin or matte finish), 26″ wide x 72″ long. Only $15/roll, which is about the same cost as premium gift wrap sold in boutiques. Each colorway is also still available printed onto a wide range of fabric. Click the image to order!

Baroque - Machiavellian (Large)
Baroque – Machiavellian (Large) Continue reading