New Fabric: Mixtape

Mixtape fabric © 2012 J. Thomson

Mixtape fabric © 2012 J. Thomson

Note: the copyright notice you see in the watermarked image above does not print on the fabric of course.


New fabrics: Hand-Drawn Polka Dots

Dots on Robin's Egg Blue Dots on Rust Dots on Orange Dots on Goldenrod Dots on White Dots on Black

New collection of fabrics available on tiny hand-drawn polka dots in coordinating colors. These are the same colors I used in my hand-drawn stripes pattern, so you can use any combination of them together and the colors will match perfectly.

Note: The copyright notice you see in the watermarked images does not print on the fabric, of course.

Snackaby Reusable Snack Bags (Review/Interview)


Snackaby reusable sandwich and snack bags

Snackabies reusable sandwich and snack bags were created by two moms as an alternative to disposable plastic bags. Available on Etsy.

If you’re anything like me, you feel a twinge of guilt every time you reach into that little box for another plastic zipper snack bag. And I usually justify using yet another new plastic bag by telling myself that I’ll rinse it out and reuse it. Even though I hate rinsing and drying them, and I probably only do it less than 10% of the time.  I really do want to do what I can to live a greener life. But the low cost of those little yellow boxes of convenience mean that almost every day I’m adding another piece of plastic to the waste stream that ends in a landfill. But not anymore… Read on for my review of the Snackaby Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags, and the story of how their creators have more in mind than how to keep your apple slices from browning. Continue reading

New Whimsical collection of BACON fabric now available!

Bacon! Black fabric © 2012 All rights reserved

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Word Game Fabrics


Word Game fabrics, © 2011 J. Thomson

Version 1. Printed on Cotton Sateen fabric. See below for updated colors.

UPDATE 8/26/11: I spent most of yesterday re-drawing this design (as I mention later in this post), but I was so happy with the results that I uploaded the revisions as REPLACEMENTS for the printed samples shown here, instead of completely new designs in addition to these. Updated photos are forthcoming, but you can see the designs at the end of this post.

A while back I designed three coordinating fabrics inspired by the Scrabble® brand crossword game. My fabric proofs just arrived from the printer, and here they are… Continue reading

Toy Robot cut-n-sew project

Toy Robot plush, © 2011 J. Thomson, all rights reserved. I designed this easy-to-sew soft Toy Robot for Spoonflower’s “plushie pattern” contest (my first experience making a soft toy, AND my first time using Sketchup 3D software.) The challenge was to design a soft toy that would fit on one fat quarter of fabric (18″ x 21″). It was a tough challenge to get all the necessary parts and pieces of the Robot to fit, but I finally figured it out without having to reduce the size of the finished piece. When completed, this soft Toy Robot stands over 17″ tall.

Robot Soft Toy Cut-n-Sew fabric, © 2011 J. Thomson. All rights reserved.
Keep reading for the sewing instructions to make this adorable stuffed Robot. Just purchase one fat quarter of the fabric for each Robot you want to make. [Hint: If you’re making more than one, change the repeat from “centered” to “basic repeat” under layout options when you order the fabric. Then you’ll get FOUR Robots on a single yard of fabric, which is much cheaper than ordering four fat quarters. For the contest, designed MUST be “centered”.) It was designed for the quilting-weight cotton (which is the least expensive fabric Spoonflower offers), but you can print it on other fabrics as well. Continue reading

Free Fabric Swatch — 24 hours only!

Spoonflower Custom Fabrics logo Today is “Free Fabric Swatch” day at That is, until Noon tomorrow (Friday, August 19th, 2011) you can get a single swatch of custom fabric for free, instead of the normal $5.00. Even the postage is free. It can be one of my fabrics, or any other fabric for sale at Spoonflower. It’s a great way to sample the quality of custom fabric printing from Spoonflower.

EDIT: It seems that Spoonflower’s servers have been overwhelmed… the site has been slow all morning, and it just crashed as I clicked “place order”. If this happens to you, just try again later. Hopefully the problem will be sorted out soon. You can also check for updates on Spoonflower’s Facebook page.

EDIT: Spoonflower’s Free Swatch Day was a big success! They gave away 7,300 free swatches of fabric, and also raised $2,500 for Heifer International. Read more about it on the Spoonflower blog here. Continue reading

Word Game (fabric designs)

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Word Game fabric, © 2011 J. Thomson. All rights reserved. Continue reading

Retro Kitchen fabrics

HPIM0916Retro Kitchen fabrics by J. Thomson. © 2011 All rights reserved. Continue reading

Pen Pals fabric now available for sale

Pen Pals fabric, © 2011 by J. Thomson. All rights reserved.
Pen Pals fabric, designed by J. Thomson. © 2011 All rights reserved. Continue reading