Elsinore collage (circa 1993)

Elsinore collage, circa 1993 © J. Thomson, all rights reserved When I went to college in 1992, I virtually stopped making collage altogether, unless it was related to an assignment. I made this collage for a 2D class, but I don’t remember the assignment. It depicts a water dream I had that seems to be influenced by Hamlet (I played Horatio in my last theatrical appearance in Dallas before leaving for college, in 1992). So I titled it Elsinore.

Mecca Lecca Hi Mecca Hiney Ho (1991)

Mecca Lecca Hi... collage © 1991 J. Thomson, all rights reservedMy holiday collage of 1991/92 featured the usual cast of surreal actors, props and settings. Borrowing my favorite phrase from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse (Jambi the Genie’s “Mecca Lecca Hi…”) and also making a visual reference/pun on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Shakespeare himself appears to be daydreaming a star inhabited by chameleons wearing santa hats, which has perplexed a group of Indian women (who are accompanied by a tin man wishing he had more heart).

On the reverse side was another collage, Frog Piano. Both are available in the giftshop.