Fits and Stripes (or, How NOT to design a striped pattern!)

Aslan Stripes © 2012 J. Thomson. All rights reserved.

Who would’ve thought that designing a simple repeat pattern of hand-drawn diagonal stripes would be so difficult? Certainly not I. But more than almost any other design I’ve done so far, this one has given me fits trying to get it just right. (And if you think this looks familiar, you’re right… I first made a version of this pattern for Zazzle last year. But I needed to create a new version of it for fabric on Spoonflower.)

Why does it matter? Well because I wanted to see if I could do it. And also because there are lots of striped fabrics on Spoonflower, but none of them have a wavy, hand-drawn line like my stripes do, and still repeat seamlessly. It ended up being quite a challenging learning experience for me, and it makes me wish I’d taken some surface design courses in art school. Continue reading

Eastern State Penitentiary Photos: A grunge texture set

Old plaster and brick wall Yesterday I toured Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia with my aunt and uncle. Here are some photos I took of the crumbling ruin, which I am releasing on Flickr under the Creative Commons Share Alike license. They could be useful to someone working on a graphic design project in need of grungy textures, patterns or as backgrounds.
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