Plastic Flamingos Giftwraps

My Plastic Flamingos Collection is now available printed on your choice of satin- or matte-finish giftwrap! Each roll is printed on premium heavyweight paper, 26″ wide x 72″ long. Only $15 per roll. Also available on a wide variety of fabrics, wallpaper and wall decals too. Click the image to order.

Plastic Flamingos - Black
Plastic Flamingos – Black
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The Flamingo Collection: 7 Cut & Sew Bow-Ties Fabric

The Flamingo Collection: 7 kitschy cut & sew bow-ties. Fabric designed by J. Thomson © 2013 All rights reserved.Just in time for the Spring Formal at the trailer park, here are seven bow-ties with pink plastic flamingos on them!  Continue reading