‘Bankrupt’ a new play by M. Hanlon, published by LavaPress

Bankrupt, by Mark Hanlon. Published by LavaPress. © 2012 Lavaguy.com All rights reserved

BANKRUPT is a biting commentary on the state of the world today: “mom and pop shops” are being forced out of business by heartless conglomerates, while American jobs are being sent overseas. Quality of goods and customer service decline as consumers demand ever-lower prices.

Set in a Manhattan Men’s Fine Clothing store, four generations of the Pasquale family and the employees who have depended on them for years prepare to close up shop for good. Continue reading

Publishing an original two-act play (an example)

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In this example, a playwright wrote an original script and it was produced in his hometown. He wanted his original two-act play bound and published for posterity, and had hopes of securing future productions outside his home region. After consulting with me, he decided to hire me to help him publish his work. The playwright provided me with the manuscript as a digital file, a photograph from the original production for the cover, and a cast and crew list from the program for inclusion in the script. His script needed some editing for typos, spelling and formatting, but nothing beyond what is included in the basic contract.

For more information, keep reading.  You can also download the Prospectus for Playwrights, or contact me directly. Continue reading

Playwrights Wanted!

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Why should you publish your play with LavaPress?*

You are one seriously busy theatre individual. You probably work at least one full-time job to support your theatre habit (maybe more), and you spend practically every moment when you’re not at your day job either in rehearsals or performance, or writing your next award-winner.

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New Venture: LavaPress Publishing

AsherTx_cover_WEB Recently I recognized a need among artists and theatre people who need help getting their work published, so I started a new venture: LavaPress Publishing. My goal is to navigate the turbulent waters of the publishing industry for emerging playwrights and artists, so they can keep doing what they do while promoting their work.

Two years ago I started learning about publishing because I was interested in writing a book. While I’m not an expert on traditional publishing (yet?) I have learned an awful lot about the new world of digital publishing. Using various services like Lulu, Blurb, and CreateSpace, authors now have the opportunity to publish their own work in a really professional looking format. Continue reading