Laser-cut acrylic templates for making bow-ties [v2.0]

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7 laser-cut acrylic templates for making shaped bow-ties. © 2013 J. Thomson
These heavy-duty acrylic cutting templates make it a snap to quickly and accurately cut fabric for making bow-ties. This suite of seven templates are laser-cut out of 4.5mm thick clear acrylic, making them durable and easy to use.  Continue reading

Laser-Cut Bow-Tie Templates

Acrylic templates for cutting 7 different bow-ties from fabric. © 2013 J. Thomson All rights reserved

Note: This post was originally published in 2013, as I was developing the first set of templates. They have been updated since then, and are available to purchase at now.

I finally received my first-ever set of laser-cut acrylic bow-tie templates for cutting fabric (available from Ponoko here).  (Please excuse the crappy smartphone photo.)

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Downloadable Bow Tie Templates

9 Eclectic Bow Ties © 2012 J. Thomson -

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For months now, I’ve been wearing a bow tie every day at work. I consider it a little bit of personal branding… to some who don’t know my name, I’m just “the bow tie guy” and that’s fine. Our clients/visitors get a kick out of seeing them, and they often will strike up a conversation with me about my tie. So it functions as a conversation piece or ice-breaker too. They’re always amazed when they find out I make many of the ties I wear.

The problem with working a full-time job, managing my studio, AND making bow ties is that I can’t keep up with it enough to wear a different tie every day, which is really something I’d like to do. So I’ve come up with some ways to streamline the process of making them. In the beginning, it would take me a couple of hours to make a tie (not counting the time it took to design the pattern & print the fabric, of course!) But now I can easily make four or five ties in the same span of time. Continue reading