Angels in America: Millenium Approaches at The Wilma Theater

poster for Angels in America: Millennium Approaches (1993) by Tony Kushner Twenty years ago, Tony Kushner’s play in two parts, Angels in America: A Gay Fantasy on National Themes won two Tony Awards and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Twenty years. Wow.

And so it was with much anticipation that I went to last night’s performance of part one, Millenium Approaches at The Wilma Theater on Broad Street. I will see part two, Perestroika tonight. My next post will be a review of part two.

As I sat waiting for the show to begin I noticed that much of the audience surrounding me were young people, probably not yet born when this ground-breaking play premiered. As much as I looked forward to seeing The Wilma Theatre’s new production of both parts of this play, I wondered how it would hold up. Now I worried that all of  its references would be completely lost on a generation too young to remember Ronald Reagan or the height of the AIDS epidemic, or what it was like to be in the closet. [Ed. note: Happy National Coming Out Day!] I wanted to like this production, and I was afraid the rest of the audience wouldn’t get it. (The Wilma’s dramaturge provides helpful notes and a timeline in the program and online here and here.) Continue reading

‘Bankrupt’ a new play by M. Hanlon, published by LavaPress

Bankrupt, by Mark Hanlon. Published by LavaPress. © 2012 All rights reserved

BANKRUPT is a biting commentary on the state of the world today: “mom and pop shops” are being forced out of business by heartless conglomerates, while American jobs are being sent overseas. Quality of goods and customer service decline as consumers demand ever-lower prices.

Set in a Manhattan Men’s Fine Clothing store, four generations of the Pasquale family and the employees who have depended on them for years prepare to close up shop for good. Continue reading

How to listen to what a fish is trying to tell you

Last Friday, at approximately 4:27 am, my water heater decided to commit suicide. As luck would have it, I suffer from occasional insomnia and I happened to be wide awake at my desk which is next to the water heater in my loft. So I heard the telltale dripping and investigated before the deluge got to biblical proportions.

Zoe Strauss: 10 Years So, instead of spending a relaxing day immersed in artwork and a visit to the Philadelphia Art Museum to see the new Zoe Strauss exhibit, I toiled away at plumbing. This of course is much harder than it sounds… I had to make room to do the work by removing a huge metal legal-size filing cabinet that weighs about the same as a small Volkswagen even when it is emptied of all the files and drawers. Of course, I had help too. I hired some friends of a neighbor to make the connections, but I had to go and buy the replacement water heater, and somehow get it up to my loft by myself. You should’ve seen me trying to wrestle a 40-gallon water heater up the spiral stairs to my loft.  But I did it. Never underestimate the will of a poor artist who really likes a long soak in a hot tub.

And now, the weekend is over and I can finally take a hot shower again. I still have to dispose of the body, by which I mean the now superfluous old water heater tank. Which again, is much easier said than done. First, there’s the task of lowering the hulking beast to the ground level. The old one is much too big to go down the spiral stairs. I’ve bought some rope and pulleys and I’m going to construct some sort of rudimentary dumb-waiter for the task. But for now, the carcass is sitting between my desk and the new water heater, in place of my filing cabinet. Like a warning to the new recruit: the proverbial head on a spike. Or like the carcass of a giant dead whale…

But that’s not what this post is about… Continue reading

Reflecting on an Interview, 25 years later

DRAMA door sign on Room 501

NOTE: This is not a typical post for this blog, but I share it here to archive the video footage and give thanks to someone who helped shape who I became. Continue reading

Publishing an original two-act play (an example)

fountain pen

In this example, a playwright wrote an original script and it was produced in his hometown. He wanted his original two-act play bound and published for posterity, and had hopes of securing future productions outside his home region. After consulting with me, he decided to hire me to help him publish his work. The playwright provided me with the manuscript as a digital file, a photograph from the original production for the cover, and a cast and crew list from the program for inclusion in the script. His script needed some editing for typos, spelling and formatting, but nothing beyond what is included in the basic contract.

For more information, keep reading.  You can also download the Prospectus for Playwrights, or contact me directly. Continue reading

Publishing Your Play: What to Expect

Here’s what you can expect when you hire me to publish your play or other title. If you have more questions about the process, you can download the Prospectus for Playwrights, or contact me for more information. Continue reading

FREE SHIPPING on “Asher TX ’82” for a limited time!

Asher TX '82 by Bruce R. Coleman © 2011 All rights reserved. The cover of Asher TX ’82, a new one-act drama by Bruce R. Coleman.
Cover photograph by Daylon Walton. Cover design and illustration by Jay Thomson.
Published in 2011 by LavaPress, available on Lulu and on Amazon for Kindle downloads.

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Playwrights Wanted!

marquee BigRedQ

Why should you publish your play with LavaPress?*

You are one seriously busy theatre individual. You probably work at least one full-time job to support your theatre habit (maybe more), and you spend practically every moment when you’re not at your day job either in rehearsals or performance, or writing your next award-winner.

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Asher TX ’82, a one-act drama by Bruce R. Coleman

Asher TX '82 by Bruce R. Coleman © 2011 All rights reserved. The cover of Asher TX ’82, a new one-act drama by Bruce R. Coleman.
Cover photograph by Daylon Walton. Cover design and illustration by Jay Thomson.
Published in 2011 by LavaPress, available on Lulu.

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Look What’s Happened To Pixie De Costa!

Look What's Happened To Pixie De Costa! (a comedy in two acts) by Bruce R. ColemanThe cover of Look What’s Happened To Pixie De Costa!,
A trash classic in two fast red hot acts by Bruce R. Coleman.
Published by LavaPress, 2011.

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