Tree Collage (1999)

Tree collage, © 1999 J. Thomson All rights reserved

Another collage of trees with several of the Wings of Desire chrysallis sculptures attached to them. My professor hated the idea so I never made them, but he loved this collage. Available in the gift shop here.

When a Child is Not a Child (1998)


When a child is not a child, collage © 1998 J. Thomson all rights reserved Here is a collage/poem piece I made in January of 1998. The pod-like structures attached to the trees relate to a mixed-media sculpture I made in 1997 out of cast glass, seed pods and other elements. It was inspired by the film Wings of Desire (1987, directed by Wim Wenders), and was meant to evoke a strange chrysallis, from which a winged spirit will emerge. Although I have no photographs, I still have this sculpture and will try to get it photographed someday.

I have often said that everyone should write poetry, but few people should read it. However, since the poem is part of this collage, here is a transcription of the poem I wrote for this piece:

When A Child Is Not A Child

Sloughing around inside this loose skin

I press my face close to the mask

Rough edges rub my eyes and

scratch my ‘lashes until they are raw.

“M’upher lipf’s salfy wid sweat.”

Dry leaves crunch underfoot—

I stumble and skin my left kneww

Sounds echo inside my over-big head

I feel alone— the other voices seem far away

But teh adult inside

the mask— Not yet

ready to emerge—

comforts me:

“There will be time

for worry later…”

This is Halloween

and my bag is full…

—14 January 1998