Trailer Trash Toile – Voting NOW OPEN!

The polling place is NOW OPEN! Spoonflower’s weekly contest is up, and I am one of 82 artists competing in this week’s “Your Town Toile” contest. (By comparison, last week’s bicycle design contest yielded over 200 entries).

Polls close on March 7th. You can vote for as many entries as you like (but please vote for mine, pictured below). VOTE NOW.


Trailer Trash Toile by J. Thomson © 2012 All rights reserved. Available at This week’s contest is the annual “toile” contest, and the theme this year is “Your Town Toile”. Each design is supposed to represent your home town, in the style of 18th century French Toile-du-jouy designs. Toile usually features a single color, repeating design showing a pastoral scene. Some of the entries in the contest take liberties with this definition, but I tried to stay as close to actual toile as I could, while throwing in a modern take on “pastoral”. My design shows two scenes of PWT (that’s poor white trash, for those of you who grew up in a house that didn’t have wheels on it!) including two run-down trailers, broken cars and yard-sofas, and the obligatory plastic flamingo yard decorations. All of these are from my own sketches.

I really enjoyed doing this design, and if I thought people might actually buy it, I would continue making different versions. There are so many things I could’ve included, but doing so would’ve cluttered up the scene too much: old refrigerators, sleeping hounds, dirt roads, quonset-hut churches, rusting water heaters, year-round christmas decorations, American flags, and of course the bane of trailer parks everywhere: twisters (tornadoes)! [Edit 3/3/2012: In light of this week’s cluster of tornadoes and storm-related deaths throughout America’s Heartland, I am really, really glad I didn’t put tornadoes in the design!]

Tune in next week to find out if my Trailer Trash Toile places in the top ten or wins the big prize!

Click here to Vote Now!

[Edit 3/3/2012: The entire collection is now Available for Sale!]

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  1. As promised, I have voted!!!! Go you. 🙂

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