Trailer Trash Toile


Trailer Trash Toile by J. Thomson © 2012 All rights reserved. Available at Yesterday morning I was kinda bored and looking for a project to do for the day, when I came upon the information about the “Your Town Toile” design contest at Spoonflower. The challenge: to design a custom pattern for fabric, in the style of 18th century French Toile de Jouy featuring imagery reflecting your home town. That’s when inspiration hit me… I bet nobody’s ever done a toile design with rednecks and trailer trash on it! A little research (thank heaven for Google image search!) confirmed it, and so I set out to work.

[Toile du Jouy (or merely “toile”) typically has a large-scale repeating pattern printed in a single color, featuring pastoral scenery.] tweet

24 hours later of drawing nearly nonstop, I have my own contribution… Trailer Trash Toile. For one week starting this Tuesday, you can vote for my design, and others at (you can vote for as many as you like). And soon, you’ll be able to purchase this fabric from Spoonflower in several different sizes and colors, and on different types of fabric. [ Edit 3/3/2012: The entire Trailer Trash Toile collection is now available for sale at Spoonflower!] I think the cotton sateen and cotton/silk blends would be particularly well-suited for it. I imagine re-covering a French-style chair with it, or making curtains or table linens for the kitchen with it. Maybe even an apron.


Drawing for "Trailer Trash Toile" by J. Thomson © 2012 All rights reserved. The design features two large scenes celebrating my PWT heritage (that’s Poor White Trash, for those of you that grew up in a house without wheels), with all the usual yard decorations… an old couch (or “divan” as my grandma Helen called ’em), half of an old car and an old pickup truck rusting into the ground, and of course lots of plastic flamingos. I made separate drawings, scanned them, and then composed the scenes digitally using Photoshop.


Drawing for "Trailer Trash Toile" by J. Thomson © 2012 All rights reserved. I liked the flamingos so much that I made another repeating design of tiny flamingos, in two different colors.


Plastic Flamingos fabric by J. Thomson © 2012 All rights reserved. Available at Some of these designs are also available on a limited number of products (t-shirts, pillows, bags, etc.) on Zazzle too.

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  1. Hi Jay – I love your trailer trash toile – MOST clever. Go you. I went into Spoonflower to vote for you, but the toile doesn’t appear to be up. Will try again tomorrow. Awesome post! 🙂

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