Word Game (fabric designs)

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Word Game fabric, © 2011 J. Thomson. All rights reserved.

Here’s a trio of new fabrics I designed today, based on the popular crossword board game whose name I can’t mention here (but it rhymes with “babble”). (The images are turned on their sides because the design is “railroaded”— that is, the length of the fabric runs vertically, and the width goes horizontally.) The three different versions are:


Word Game fabric © 2011 J. Thomson. All rights reserved. A repeating pattern of the board, with letter tiles (game in progress). Note that the pattern is designed in such a way that legal words are formed where the pattern repeats. For instance, “TA” (lower left) and “XI” (lower right) are both legal words in the game (and very useful too), and join at the repeat to form “TAXI”. This works in all four directions! (“Junk” + “man” = “junkman”, and “ball” + “ers” = “ballers”, etc.) It wasn’t easy to figure this out, but it helps that I’ve been playing Scrabble® for over 30 years. Click the image to see it on a larger swatch of fabric at Spoonflower, where you can see how the image repeats.


Game Board fabric (no pieces) © 2011 J. Thomson All rights reserved. This version is just the game board, without any pieces. Useful for a contrasting fabric in your sewing project. (Update: Thanks to the lawyers at Hasbro™, the blank board design is no longer available… I show it here for reference purposes only. However, if you need the blank board, take a look at the border print version.)

I drew the game board, and every letter tile from scratch (using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, naturally). Avid Scrabble® players will note that I eliminated the top row and the right column from the board, because I liked the way the design repeats this way better. I also eliminated the triangular flags around each premium square (look closely at a real Scrabble® board to see what I mean), because it just made the design look cluttered.


Word Game border print fabric, © 2011 J. Thomson All rights reserved. In the third and final version, (which is the same exact size as the previous two designs… I’m just showing the full 58″ width of the fabric here) we have a border print, with the game in progress forming a border down the left selvage of the fabric. This is useful if you want to sew a dress, shirt or tablecloth (for example) where the game pieces are just at the bottom hem.

The designs are all scaled to be just a tiny bit bigger than life size. This means you can play Scrabble® with your own tiles on the fabric! Perfect for playing on a huge board (as big as you like) instead of the standard 15 x 15 grid.

BTW, the colors in these designs look a little stronger here because you’re not looking at the actual printed fabric… when Spoonflower prints these designs on fabric, they will come out a little less intense from what you see on your computer monitor. That’s not a printing flaw; it’s just the nature of printing on fabric.

What can you do with these?

  • Make a tablecloth for your game table
  • Make a dress or a shirt for your favorite Scrabble® player
  • How about a travel bag for your game board, score pads, and dictionaries/word lists?
  • Café Curtains for the board game enthusiast
  • Make a giant game board any size you want for play (use letter tiles from your own games)

Have a look at these other cool Scrabble®-related crafts on Pinterest.com.

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  1. Jay Thomson says:

    At a potential customer’s request, I have moved these three fabrics up the priority list and just ordered proofs of them from Spoonflower. Assuming no edits need to be made, they should be available for sale in a week to 10 days.

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